Kenneth Gladney Will File Hate Crime Charges Against SEIU Thug Attackers

Although he was too weak to speak after his public beating on Thursday, Kenneth Gladney attended the protest against SEIU violence on Saturday in St. Louis. Kenneth was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters after the town hall meeting on Thursday.

Allman in the Morning at 97.1 FM Talk Radio reported today that Kenneth Gladney, the man who was beaten by Russ Carnahan-supporting SEIU thugs after a town hall meeting last Thursday, will file hate crime charges against his attackers. 5 people were arrested at the town hall meeting after the public beating of Gladney. At least one of the Leftist attackers called him a n**ger before pummeling him.

(from Gateway Pundit)

Here’s some video, from the night of the attack.


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