Self-Annointed Guardians Make World a Worse Place

Apparently, the politically, correct Psych Thugs have succeeded in getting Psycho Donuts to become more generic, renaming the Massive Head Trauma and Bipolar donuts.

small amout of hyperbole

small amount of hyperbole

Two things are sad here :

  1. You know this isn’t going to appease the Politically Correct; they will demand more.  Guaranteed.
  2. The PC folks will think that their cultural vandalism is some kind of great victory for humanity.  Pity them.

Anyhoo, here’s davidsbass’ take on this :

Bright and early I stood with a cluster of confection enthusiasts wondering why the door of Psycho Donuts didn’t open precisely at 7:00 as advertised.

“Maybe that’s part of the shtick, opening up at erratic, moody moments, rather than being punctual like any other business.”  I said. It was a charitable interpretation.  Nurse Ratched was just running late.  After brushing back her hair and fixing the gig lines of her uniform, she opened the door to an eager throng.

They’d all been here before.  They just cared about the donuts, and nearly every one of them walked out with a box of a dozen.  I just wanted to soak in the scene, snap a few hurried cellphone shots, and order a bipolar or two.

But they weren’t calling them that anymore.  Apparently the protesters had gained some ground.  Now they were the innocuous, almost hippie-dippie “Duality” donuts.  I felt cheated.

So did the guy with the art-sculpture crash-helmet.  “I notice you’ve renamed ‘Massive Head Trauma'” to something unremarkable and dull.

The attending nurse didn’t know about the reclassification of the donuts to more socially acceptable and therefor tepid terms.  This was something Bike Helmet and I caught onto.  (I’m only calling him Bike Helmet because while we conversed, we never introduced ourselves, beyond my saying I was bipolar and his having caught my remarks to  he was a serious cyclist, with those special shoes and locking pedals, form fitting tights to cheat the wind, and a sculpted piece of headgear no doubt displayed in museums of modern art.  And he was just as serious about his morning sugar fix for himself and his co-workers).

The interior of Psycho Donuts is an amazing collage of creativity and thematically focused execution.  This is the vibrant makeover of a dull and mundane business niche some imaginative team of entrepreneurs has made a showcase of.  This is what a bunch of well intentioned but too politically correct, i.e., repressive, minded advocates of mental health and the rights of the disabled picketed.  Not only have I argued elsewhere (see “Why, I Buy ‘m at Psycho Donuts, of Course!“) that this was misguided and failed to seize the better opportunity this business afforded, but I would think in today’s economic blight, any business with this degree of verve, creativity, and thoughtfulness ought to be lauded, not picketed.

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