Torturing Friends to Score Points?

OK, I found this bit of frightingness while surfing “” today :

July 26, 2009 – News of the Week …

When I first told Tom about Psycho’s jelly-oozing donut named “Massive Head Trauma,” he wept, then got angry. (Kip Berdiansky calls people like Tom humorless and over-sensitive.) Tom, a caring person, is in extreme pain. His wife had a near-fatal brain hemorrhage in April and she struggles hourly to regain her life. Although he may be partly right about Tom’s sensitivity,

Why the hell would you go out of your way to describe a head-trauma doughnut to someone who is so far out on the edge emotionally?  It’s not like the writer was just mentioning it in passing… clearly someone who’s writing “wekly news” about the donut shop is castng it in the darkest terms.  Why rub your friend’s nose in it?

A donut sitting on a shelf in a donut shop harms nobody.   It doesn’t refer to anyone.  Even if it has a face.   Nobody named the donut after anyone.  It’s a donut.

When you single out an individual and say “Hey – this oozing, red donut is just like your wife!” … then you are causing pain to an individual, a person.

So …  don’t do that! Comprendez vous?



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