… a nurse is a nurse of curse of curse …

Oh here’s a fun snip. One Rob Carver says of the Psycho Donuts nurses :

Being a nurse, I take personal offense that their workers are allowed to impersonate licensed professional workers with their scrub outfits and stethoscopes. I’ll be contacting the California State Nursing Association for sure!

First, this is amusing just for the sheer ridiculousness of it.  Enjoy!

The Hat of Controversy!

The Hat of Controversy!

This mainly got my attention, cuz it made me think of way back when I was working at good old Oacis Healthcare Systems.  I needed an icon to represent an online nursing system that we would be monitoring with our new product.   I scanned in some clipart of a nurse, with the old-fashion nurse hat and all.  When we gave an internal demo, one of my coworkers said that the nurse hat was no longer worn.. and some nurses thought it was offensive and demeaning.

So we had to change the icon.

Now Rob is griping cuz it is sacred.

Go fig.

Parting shot : … have the makers of Hot Nurse Costumes been reported?

The face (&ct) of evil.

The face (&ct) of evil.

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