The Super Bowl of Hyperbole!

OK, granted our favorite stalker’s Godwin FAIL is technically much more hyperbolic (he directly references an entire country and millions of deaths)… but he shrinks away from specifics.

The good folks at “Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services” have generated some of the following text, regarding Psycho Donuts :

Featuring a “padded cell” exploits the worst historic abuses of the mental health system, where people with mental health disabilities were sometimes starved, tied to beds, beaten, and subject to “ice pick lobotomies,” electroconvulsive shock treatments, and immobilizing medications.

And also …

Finally, after a life of institutionalized abuse, people with mental disabilities were dumped into unmarked, sometimes mass graves, deprived of all human dignity. “Psycho Donuts” is located just 12 miles from the former Agnews State Hospital, where over 8,751 people were buried in unmarked graves. But “Psycho Donuts” doesn’t just reference history.

Sorry, but I haven’t seen an “unmarked grave” doughnut there.  It might be cool for Hallowe’en, though.  Still, the point here is that the donut shop in question doesn’t “reference” the hospital in question.  Heck, the vast majority of residents of Silicon Valley know nothing about it, unless maybe they work for Sun. People going to the doughnut shop surely aren’t thinking of lurid tales of ice picks.

This is a good example of what I’ve been seeing; it seems like the people that are getting worked up about these doughnuts are reacting to images inside their own head.  Not in the heads of doughnut makers, or customers, or “the children”.

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