“Debate?” Doesn’t sound like it…

Snicker…  why would Oscar Wright issue a press release like this :

While on air, Wright challenged Berdiansky to meet again outside of the media spotlight to engage in further discussions about changing negative public opinions about mental illness. Berdiansky repeatedly sidestepped the offer saying he would only do so in public…

This was billed as a debate… or at least a discussion of issues.  Who cares that the Psycho Donut guys didn’t want to meet with him personally, so that he could help them shut down their business and maybe open a different one.


If Mr Wright wants to be taken seriously, he needs to explain his seemly elitist (or even misanthropic) idea that (for example) a Massive Head Trauma doughnut “leads to misunderstandings and confusion and furthers the stigma associated with a physical brain disorder that is not a choice”.

Ah well, more later, maybe.


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